More Than Bag Appeal

“Bag Appeal” can tell you how it looks, nothing more. Many consumers think hydro is better than soil. Why? Well, mainly because of “bag appeal.” Literally, it looks good in a bag. Hydro generally produces better bag appeal especially with certain strains. Most consumers believe bag appeal indicates the tastiest, smelliest or most effective cannabis. It does not! Contrary to popular belief, there are many strains that lack bag appeal but assuage symptoms better than cannabis currently available in the medical market.

Proper visual inspection can be very informative. Careful observation can tell you if flowers are diseased or infested with bugs. To an untrained eye, powdery mildew may look like crystals. Careful inspection can also tell you if the plants were well taken care of in their growing environment. You won’t find the best by simply looking for the frostiest flower.

E X A M P L E: Organic Soil Haze versus Chem Hydro OGK

Let us compare two types of plants: Organic Soil Haze versus Chem Hydro OG Kush, referred to henceforth as OGK. How would the average consumer compare and contrast these plants? They couldn’t without educating themselves. Haze has an unimpressive bag appeal when compared to OGK. Chem Hydro OGK has an extraordinary bag appeal. OGK harvests between 8 – 10 weeks. Haze takes from 14-20 weeks. To a commercial grower, Haze is not a worthwhile product. It takes too long.