Fully Mature

Quality control extends to include flowering times. Commercial growers harvest flowers early in order to get more harvests per year. By pulling their plants early commercial growers never let their plants grow to full potential. All flowers have a specific “Harvest Window.” This window refers to a period of time that the flower is “ripe” and at its peak potential. The standard harvest window is around 2-3 weeks. During the harvest window flowers mature until, at a certain point, they start to degrade. The outcome depends on crucial decisions, made by the grower, about when the plant is picked.

E X A M P L E: Bubba Kush Harvest Times

Commercial growers harvest Bubba Kush after 56 days. To grow a superior quality Bubba Kush flower it’s essential the plant is given a minimum 65 days, preferably 70 days. Bubba Kush reaches its peak during this stage. Have you ever wondered why there’s so much variation between different batches of Bubba Kush? The difference lies in the flowering times. Flowering time plays a significant role in plant maturity. An eight week Bubba Kush isn’t as effective as a ten week Bubba Kush. That doesn’t mean an eight week Bubba Kush is bad. It just means it could get considerably better. Boutique growers are focused on producing the best possible flower to smoke. Commercial growers focus on how many pounds can be harvested in a particular time period.