Powdery Mildew

Another dreaded cannabis disease is powdery mildew. This will take over a plant and eat into the flowers. Once this happens, the plant will emit an acidic smell that overwhelms the aroma of the flower and you’ll see white powdery formations or spots on the leaves. If you see white powdery material on the leaves, that’s powdery mildew. If you can’t find any leaves to look at because of close trimming, break open a flower. Examine the central stem and the leaf stems inside the flower. Powdery mildew likes to form on the stems, and particularly on the stems inside flower formations. If you see a white powdery substance along the inside stems, that is powdery mildew. Powdery mildew will change the aroma and taste of the flower. If you see it on your flowers, you’re smoking it.

In today’s market, powdery mildew infected flowers are often sold behind the counters. The most probable explanation is that it often passes inspection because the inspector mistakes the evidence for “crystals”.