Bud Rot

Bud rot is more common than one would think. Bud rot develops inside and works its way to the outside of the flower. It looks similar to bread mold. You’ll commonly see two forms, a grayish-white mold and a darker brown rot mold. Both grow and affect the flower the same way. Rot will eventually eat the entire flower and turn it into a rotten gooey mess. The fundamental issue lies with rot that hasn’t taken over the flower yet. If the grower harvests those flowers before there’s any sign of rot, they may not know it’s rotten. This explains why an experienced trimmer is essential in the quality control process. Their job is to inspect and manicure the flowers. They’re responsible for cutting out all diseased plant matter to insure it doesn’t become someone’s medicine. You definitely don’t want to smoke rotten flowers. Break the flowers open and make sure you don’t see any white or brown fuzz growing along inside stems and calyxes. If you break open a flower and see a puff of “smoke” it means mold spores are being released.