Notice how everyone has Sour Diesel these days? Breeders in today’s world got a hold of the original Clone-only plant. The breeders either forced her to go hermaphrodite and self pollinate or used another species male to pollinate her. From these beginnings came all the Sour Diesel seeds that are sold. The resulting offspring are a combination of two strains, the definition of a hybrid.

When utilizing the self-pollinating technique, called “selfing”, the mother is the father. Since Sour Diesel is the result of an unintended pollination from a different strain, it’s already a hybrid and the resulting offspring will be hybrids.

If a breeder takes these seeds and starts “line-breeding” them, after a few generations of breeding, you can make a true-breeding strain. Then it’s no longer a hybrid.

So, now someone has made a strain called Sour Diesel. The question here is whether the resulting progeny resemble the authentic clone-only Sour Diesel. Depending on the goals of the breeder, there may be many similarities but they aren’t the same strain. The particular strain created will never be the Sour Diesel Mother plant. That’s why elite clone-only plants are so highly prized. The only real Sour Diesel must be cloned to preserve its genetics. If a grower or shop doesn’t disclose the product that you’re smoking is the clone-only cut, then it probably is not.